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We will develop a photorealistic representation of your products through 3D/AR technology. We handle everything from analysis to implementation, guiding you through the entire process of 3D digitization from start to finish.

Interactive 3D configurators
Augmented reality
Automated product photos
Creation of models for architects

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Barcelona® Chair

One of the most recognized objects of the last century and an icon of the modern movement.


Brown Leather
+ 150 EUR
black leather
Black Leather
+ 150 EUR
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chrome construction
+150 EUR
brushed construction
Brushed Stainless
+150 EUR
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6,199 EUR
incl. VAT

Discover How We Developed the 3D/AR Configurator for TON

Earn More and Reduce Costs with 3D and AR

Bring3D Configurator

Display Every Variant of Your Product

Customers will view every available variant of your product from all angles and see the real-time final price of their selected option. We ensure it integrates seamlessly with your website’s user interface and design.
Bring3D VirtUal Showroom

Explore Products in Augmented Reality

Customers can visualize your products in their intended environment — whether at home, in the office, or outdoors — with just a click from your site, in real life scale and any variant. No special app is required.
BRING3D photo studio

Cut Costs on Product Photography and Rendering

Automatically generate images for all products for use on e-commerce sites or other marketing materials. Simply set up the scene and specify the format and images dimensions. These images are virtually indistinguishable from reality and ready for immediate use, including any necessary post-production.

Convert Your Models and Configurations to Autodesk Revit and Other Formats

Efficiently convert and manage configurable models for Autodesk Revit, allowing architects and designers to seamlessly incorporate your products into their daily design workflows.

We Can Create or Modify 3D Assets for You


Photorealistic 3D Models

Based on your inputs, we will modify or create precisely crafted photorealistic models. Thanks to unique compression, they will also be minimally data-intensive.

Material Scanning

Lacking digitized surfaces and materials for your products? We can accurately and effectively convert your physical samples into digital form, preserving their true physical texture.

All-In-One 3D Digitization Tool

Our platform automates most processes and ensures seamless integration with your systems.
3D Models
3D Materials
Product Parameters and Metadata
CRM, ERP, CMS Integrations
Make3DB Platform
Asset Management, Automation, Optimization, Integration
3D Configurator with Augmented Reality
Automated Product Photos
Library for Revit
Conversion to 3D Formats
Make3DB platform diagram

Integration with All Necessary Systems

We will integrate the platform with your internal systems, websites, or even a Revit library.

Ensuring Maximum Security of Your Data

SSL is standard, and a powerful dedicated server is immediately replaced by a backup in case of a failure.

Handles an Extreme Volume of Products

We handle over trillions of variants of all your products and can further scale.

We Provide Complete Implementation from A to Z

We will set up, configure, and customize all services precisely according to your needs. We will guide you through the entire process, clearly defining what needs to be created and what we will require from you.


Initial Consultation and Analysis

We will discuss your needs and requirements. We will review the available inputs, 3D materials and prepare an offer.


Realization and Integration

Following the analysis, we move to implementation. We handle everything from document preparation to the final implementation and integration, maintaining constant communication and keeping you informed throughout.


Support and Development

We will create any new features or custom 3D applications, new integrations, assist with the production of 3D models, and 3D scanning of materials. We will provide support for the make3DB platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What industries do you specialize in?

We don't have any 3D data at the moment. Can you help us prepare them?

We have 3D models. Can they be used in the configurator, AR, or to create photos?

In what quality do you create 3D models and materials?

What devices does augmented reality (AR) work on?

How much will a 3D configurator or AR affect the loading speed of the site?

How do I add a product or update a variant?

We already have another 3D platform implemented. Can we use your models without changing the platform?

Where is the data stored and how is it secured?

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3D, AR and BIM Will Boost Your Profits and Customer Satisfaction


Higher Conversions

eBags reported a remarkable 112% increase in sales.

Fewer Returned Goods

Macy's has significantly decreased the number of returned furniture items.

Time Savings for Customers

Customers save time as they no longer need to visit physical stores.

Our Partnership with the Largest Czech Client

What We Delivered

We have launched a new 3D configurator for TON a.s. – the first of its kind in the Czech Republic!

Now you can customize furniture exactly to your liking and visualize it in real-time in your environment thanks to augmented reality (AR) technology, or create detailed and highly realistic photos of your configuration from any angle.

For architects, we have prepared the option to download 3D models with selected materials, significantly simplifying the incorporation of furniture models into their projects.

Thanks to the Make3DB platform, we guarantee easy implementation, advanced features, and excellent display quality. Want to find out how our technologies and services can enhance your project? Contact us and let's discuss it together!
3D Configurator
AR Augmented Reality
3D AutoPhotoCapture
3D Models
3D Materials
User Interface
Expert Consulting
Project Management

How the client evaluates cooperation

I would like to express my immense enthusiasm for the 3D configurator developed for us by the Bring3D team, which has become our essential sales tool. It has not only received recognition from our architects and designers but has also become an invaluable tool for our sales teams and customers. Its photorealistic display, intuitive design, and features are at a level I have never seen before.

Thanks to the high photorealism of the configurator and models, we have been able to automate the creation of all product photos for our catalog, saving a tremendous amount of time and financial resources compared to traditional photography and rendering.

I also greatly appreciate how Bring3D guided us through the entire digitization process – from model and material preparation, through user interface design, to implementation and integration into our internal systems. Communication was always fast and professional, which greatly facilitated collaboration with our other suppliers.

The expert leadership of the Bring3D team was key to the success of the first wave of our 3D digitization. I look forward to our continued collaboration.
Alzbeta Kotolanova
Sales Director | TON a.s.

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